The Journey to Attracting Your Ideal Website Visitor Avatar

Access to the Workbook

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    To communicate with potential clients and customers, first you need to explore the characteristics of the individuals you intend to attract to your website.

    Who are they?

    The Ideal Website Visitor workbook will help you determine the messages you wish to relay. Get out of your own head and step into the visitor's shoes.

    Why do they want to visit your website?

    What is the gift that only you can give them? This is not about a free download or "giving away the farm". The gift is you and how you can either solve something they are experiencing, enhance their life, or both. They are coming to you for insights -- YOUR insights.

    Get clear on the message.

    Knowing your Ideal Website Visitor Avatar will make setting the mood (brand) of the website easier, writing the content less strenuous (communicating), and defining your niche on the world wide web (being of service).